Digital Line in the Sand

The Digital Life Collective draws an important distinction between "Their Tech" and "Ourtech" and this post intends to help you see the "line in the sand" between two worlds that operate on fundamentally different socio-economic models. The world to the left gave birth to "Their Tech" as a result of the Extractive/Consumer Economy in which platform capitalism, consumer manipulation, surveillance and centralization play a central role. In other words, these economies helped create and shape the very tools that are now in return shaping us, turning us into mindless consumers that can't wait to buy the next shiny thing, post the next beautified selfie or find that new funny catgif. And there is no end in sight - the current narrative of the Consumer Industry keeps telling us that "shiny things are good for you" and, conversely, employs ever more people (and machines) to build more shiny things and to make people want to buy those shiny things.

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