Tools and Processes for Creating Powerful Digital Spaces

In the “What are you reading…” thread, @johnkellden and I got into an exchange that might be worth bringing into a space of its own. Here’s the core inquiry John has named:

What I would like to suggest and explore together with others here in DigiLife, is a set of tools with which to help everyone (not just us) operationalise better digital platforms, better digital commons, better digital workplaces for groups and team, better digital discourse as well as open inquiry and participatory inquiry.

Earlier, John named these elements as key to the kinds of digital spaces he wants to support:

  • data and information (input)
  • curation (moderate)
  • conversation (catalyze)
  • dashboard (moderate)
  • intangibles leverage (catalyze)
  • knowledge (output)

I see this idea of “tools” as referring not just to software but also to the processes we develop for how to use different platforms. John has named a few virtual spaces where he thinks some of this innovation is happening, including his own Conversation group.

Where do others see inspiring work happening in this regard, and what can we learn from our experiences as a whole?

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Thanks Ben. Closer to reality, we have complex responsive processes, as eg outlined by Bonnitta Roy.

Closer to working models, including tools and processes for creating powerful digital spaces, is, IMO, worth spending time and effort on, including being clear on concepts such as

Digital Space, Digital Place, Digital Community, Digital Platform, Digital Collective, Digital Cooperative - and, what would help bridge between analog, f2f - and - digital.

There’s a lot already shared and talked about in here, feel free to add, annotate, build further on, add different perspectives, look and walk in different directions, build further, as per your already shared, shareable understanding around these things.

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