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The Digital Life Collective researches, develops, funds and supports technologies created with only the individual’s needs in mind. Trusted. Private. Inclusive. Our tech, not their tech.

This discussion forum is open to anyone to discuss anything related to our mission. You are most welcome!

Saying that, we do expect everyone to be respectful of everyone else. In short, difference is to be celebrated and explored rather than denounced and attacked. In slightly longer terms, please refer to the Collective’s code of conduct.

One more thing …

Your privacy

You will want to know that we are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can read about how we treat your personal data here.

We use this platform – Discourse – as a public forum to discuss matters relating to our mission. It is hosted by Discourse on our behalf. Your contributions may be made pseudonomously or with clear attribution. You may maintain a Discourse profile. Our configuration requires nothing more than a registered email address, and you may change or delete all other profile data easily. We recommend only adding the personal data you feel you really want to share.

You can delete your account easily by going to Settings / Preferences / Account. Being a public forum, contributions may be indexed by search engines. Neither the Collective not Discourse is responsible for such indexation.

The GDPR asserts that the right to deletion shall not apply when processing of data is necessary for exercising the right of freedom of expression and information. As deletion of contributions to a multi-party conversation thread renders others’ contributions less meaningful or perhaps meaningless, we reserve the right not to delete contributions en masse on the grounds that it erodes others’ freedom of expression.


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