General Meeting 25th October 2019

October General Meeting — stuff is happening

Who was it said member-owned cooperatives run entirely by volunteer members deliver results fast? Ah yes, that would be no-one!

Fortunately, we can celebrate progress in terms of the resilient bonds formed through gentle, open collaboration, and the fruits of this diligent enterprise will be announced at our next general meeting.

Expect to learn the latest news about our cooperation-as-a-service (CaaS) and the first wonderful communities to migrate their digital deliberations to our suite of ‘tech we trust’. We’ll also have a brand new Digital Life Collective website better tailored to where we find ourselves as we contemplate 2020.

We number over 250 members now, and we know our whole still falls shy of our volunteering parts. We will then be ramping up CaaS for ourselves, walking the talk. We have for example just switched on our collaborative writing space which you are free to use entirely as your own, or just to say hi to everyone else. There is digital life beyond the grip of the surveillance capitalists.

When: 25 October 2019, 16:00 UTC — click here for the time in your part of the world or subscribe to our Collective calendar.

What: Find our draft agenda here.


Who: Our chair Graham Mitchell will be in the chair.

Minutes: You can find the minutes of the last GM of 5th June right here.

Alternatively: If this time clashes with the middle of your night, the school run, the daily meeting, or evening meal, please know we’ll be recording so you can tune in afterwards. And you can always drop in our Collective Chat channel or email and propose a time you can speak, and we’ll match you up with one of us who could make it.

Hope to see you at the GM :slight_smile:

Sent by the member relations team on Graham’s behalf.