Member newsletter 8 Jan 2020

Look who’s cooperating!

Here is news from your Digital Life Collective: our Cooperation-as-a-Service platform is gaining traction, we have general meeting updates, and also news – at last – about membership renewals.

Cooperative Advantage

Cooperation-as-a-Service (CaaS) is our Collective endeavor to support an ecosystem of groups and organizations interested in cooperating at scale. As you can see from our new website, we’re onboarding the following communities in the coming months:

  • The Capra Course — course alumni continuing to explore the new systemic conception of life at the forefront of science and its application in economics, management, politics, design, medicine, and law
  • The Cooperating Manual for Spaceship Earth by the Buckminster Fuller Institute – to teach people what many traditions have known and practiced for millennia: how to cooperate with our living Spaceship Earth
  • InnerPlanet – a voluntary co-creation collective building a carbon tracker technology through open-source collaboration
  • Generative Identity – looking beyond self-sovereign identity to determine how natural (non-legal) identity may be supported in our digital world.
  • Platform 6 Development Co-operative – an online cooperative innovating in the field of cooperative business development and support.

It’s exciting to be a cooperative helping others cooperate via Tech We Trust. It’s tantalizing to facilitate cross-pollination between these communities, and grow that potential as we help more communities in 2020 and beyond.

Perhaps you know of a community that could do with some Digital Life Collective love?

General Meetings

We discussed CaaS and more besides at a General Meeting on 25th October. If watching such things after the event is your thing, you can find the recording right here.

Otherwise the three most important takeaways are:

1. There is lots going on
2. We’re solvent
3. You are helping to make this happen

The next General Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday January 22nd at 16:00 UTC. The agenda is here – please let us know if there is anything that you would like to have discussed at the meeting and we’ll take that into consideration. The General Meeting takes place online and is just one hour - you are very welcome to join us.

It’s y/our Collective — Membership Renewal

We have added CiviCRM to our tech stack. This means – drumroll – that we are finally in a good place to manage membership renewals.

What does that mean?

It means that if you have been a member for more than a year, you’ll soon receive an email inviting you to renew for a minimum US$10 (or equivalent in your currency). Or you can of course renew right now. We hope you’ll agree that it’s a contribution that goes a long long way.

If you have been a member for less than one year, your renewal email will arrive on your anniversary.

As always, if you have any questions about your Collective, please jump on our member chat or email us @

Best regards,

Philip, Christina, and Graham, on behalf of the member relations team.