The latest from your Digital Life Collective ahead of the AGM on Wednesday

First up, as outlined in the member email on the 12th, we will be holding our first AGM (annual general meeting) this coming Wednesday and encourage all members to attend. This is an important part of our governance, and our first board elections will be held at the AGM. You might want to put yourself forward – this work-in-progress document outlines what it involves.

Date and time: Sept 26th 2018 at 16:00-18:00 UTC (9-11am West Coast, 12-2pm East Coast, 5-7pm UK)

Zoom: on our normal Zoom channel (jump on to find out if you don’t know)

Check out the last email for more info, although there is one update since then – both resolutions listed in the agenda have been withdrawn.

Before then, here are some things you may have missed …


Check out the video from this month’s webinar on the topic of “Tech, Power, and Patterns” facilitated by our very own Christina and featuring:

  • Jeremy Lent, author (The Patterning Instinct) and integrator, and founder of the nonprofit Liology Institute.
  • Bianca Wylie, open government advocate, co-founder Tech Reset Canada, senior fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation in the Global Economy program.
  • Stephen Green, community director at WeWork and startup advisor at Backstage Capital.
  • Gideon Rosenblatt, author at the intersection of technology and mission-driven, stakeholder-friendly organizations, see The Vital Edge.

Open Coop 2018

Your collective sponsored the Open Coop 2018 conference in London over the summer. A dozen of us made it in person, and both Michael and Laura presented:

If you have any questions about this, do just post them up.

The Decentralized Web Summit

The Internet Archive hosted the 2nd Decentralized Web Summit the same week as Open Coop. This year’s theme was “Global Visions / Working Code … building decentralized technologies that work at scale, with and for real people around the world.”

Your collective was there hosting and driving the corresponding work to map the ecosystem engaged in this challenge. You can see where we’ve got to here, and if this piques your interest to get involved, please click right here.

Authoring and publishing content

Co-operation and collaboration depend on communication. We need to share perspectives, experience, struggles, ideas, etc. to fuel the right conversations in pursuit of our shared mission. Please consider writing for our website and Medium publication.

To make it as easy as possible we now have a fabulous guide to authoring and publishing content on (thanks Gustavo for making this happen). Check it out here. For inspiration, here’s a super interesting report Laura penned following her participation in the recent Public Stack Summit.

Best regards,

Philip on behalf of the member communications team.


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