Member Newsletter 20 February 2018

In case you missed it, we published our 2017 report - a collaborative effort from many members, highlighting what we’ve worked on and achieved, and reflections on how it’s all going.

Thanks to the 32 members who took part in our first ever member survey in January. Check out our presentation of the results here - some great praise, and some areas we can improve on (many things already underway!).

Headline results:

  • 32 responses out of 110 members
  • 60% would renew membership and quite a few members are unlikely to recommend to a friend
  • A sense of confusion and lack of focus (heavily cited as necessary to get more ‘ambassador’ activity, and to get more members active)
  • Challenges with member engagement and recruitment because of tools, lack of focus/clarity around what we do, and lack of clear projects that are visible and understandable
  • Enthusiasm for the overall goal and that the mission matters

Thank you to all who responded – your feedback really helps the active volunteer members (and we’re all volunteers) figure out what we should be doing and improve. If you missed taking part, or if you have other thoughts to share, we’re always happy to hear from you – if you aren’t able to join us in chat or calls, simply email us at

Work continues on planning what we should focus on doing in 2018 – and how we can make sure we’re doing the right things. If you can help us identify projects and shape them, or help develop plans for membership growth, marketing and partnership development, dive into the Business Planning channel in our member chat system (Mattermost). (If Mattermost doesn’t suit you, and you can’t join our regular Zoom calls, email and we’ll work out how to involve you through shared docs and email, or other means.)

Finally, we’ve been invited to work with the Internet Archive on its second Decentralized Web Summit, pencilled in for July. (This website has details of the first one, in 2016.) Exciting stuff. Jump on Mattermost to find out more, and we’ll provide a further update in the next member newsletter of course.

Laura and the member relations team.