Member newsletter 8 January 2018

Happy Co-operative New Year!

Two ways for you to help us make a great start on the year:

  1. Share your reflections or report on 2017 right now in our draft annual report, and
  2. Help develop our business plan so that we have clear goals and ways to achieve them.

The 2017 Review

We’re compiling a report on the Collective’s progress last year. Our first year. If you had the opportunity to be active in the co-operative, please do add your thoughts, learnings or report to the work in progress. We aim to freeze the copy end-Wednesday and publish it Monday 15th January.

As part of the review, you’re invited to publish your personal reflections – as short or as long as you like, focusing on any aspect of our mission that takes your fancy. Your level of involvement to date has no bearing whatsoever on your right to say what you have to say … the more perspectives expressed, the greater our common understanding.

Does fake news get you riled? Are you tingling with excitement at the prospect of the GDPR?! Why did you join the Collective? What are your hopes for 2018? Can you share one tip for staying safe online? For protecting your privacy? Here’s the direct link to this section of the collaborative doc. Just two days to the deadline so no time like the present!

The Business Plan

The effort required to simply get going absorbed much of our energies in 2017. Now we’re ready to collaborate on a business plan.

What does success look like in the next one to three years? How can we best nurture Tech We Trust? How do we resource the things we need to get done? What services can we offer ourselves and everyone else? How do we grow membership? What does sustainability look like?

We need your grey matter. Right here. Please jump in. The sooner we have a plan of action, we can action the plan.

As always, if you’d like to say hello in real time, our team calls are on our Zoom line, M/W/F at 5pm UK time, or mention in our main Collective open chat channel that you’d like to set up another time.

Here’s to a fantastic 2018.

Best regards,

Philip and the Digital Life Collective member relations team.


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