Member newsletter 6 December 2017

Following on from the value proposition call that we had on Monday 20 November, we’re having a special extended Zoom session this Friday to discuss potential business models.

[Apologies for the tardy syndication to here … after the event.]

If this is of interest, please read the briefing document and agenda in advance and come prepared to be an active part of the meeting (and potential follow up action). Friday 8th November, 5pm GMT, for 90 minutes on our regular zoom line.

If you weren’t able to participate in the recent call to discuss potential value propositions for members, you can read the detailed notes. The call has spawned a number of actions listed in the notes and discussion about mass membership continues in a new channel on

Our first advertising campaign will begin next week with placement kindly provided by John Grant on For this activity, we have created some new landing pages with some of the new member videos featured. We’ll also be testing the different messages to see which is most effective. You can find links to the pages on

Finally, a quick call out to our friends at Holochain, who launched an Indiegogo campaign yesterday. The campaign is attracting interest from people who want to help develop a true peer-to-peer Internet. Most of the perks provide the hardware necessary to host Holo and share your compute capacity in return for Holo fuel. Congratulations to them on being almost halfway to their goal after just one day!

As always, if you’d like to say hello in real time, our team calls are on our Zoom line, M/W/F at 5pm UK time, or mention in our main Collective open chat channel that you’d like to set up another time.

Best regards,

The Digital Life Collective member relations team.