Member newsletter 9 October 2017

We only really got cracking on our co-operative movement here in January. Skip down to “The countdown” to see what happens next, or indulge yourself in a quick retrospective …

We laid the groundwork, established a temporary website, and then got ourselves incorporated in May. We’ve brought 84 souls (aka co-founding members) together to nurture Tech We Trust for the World We Want. We’ve deliberated long and hard on our organisational design, norms and values. We have ourselves payment services and banking, an articulate and compelling website, well structured member chat and public discussion forum, innovative ledgers and graphs of our collaborative endeavours, and an ecosystem map in open semantic format with distributed maintenance. Nifty.

And most importantly, we have a deep and meaningful mission. After all, if we can’t trust our tech, we can’t trust ourselves. And if we can’t trust ourselves, we can’t trust each other.

You are a co-founding member of a very important co-operative, and this month we need everyone of us to co-operate to make it happen. There is something each and everyone of us can do in taking us from 80 to 800 to 8000 to …


// This week

  • Finish the website (you can see where we’ve got to at this temporary sub-domain – WORK IN PROGRESS)
  • Complete the tech required to decentralize the process of adding nominees to our nascent ecosystem map of Tech We Trust
  • Refine the new member orientation process
  • Complete the simplification of channels in re-jigging
  • Email everyone who really should be a co-founding member but is yet to join us


There is at least one thing you can do from this list – especially that last one. If we all recruited one more co-founding member, we’d launch with twice as many of us! :slight_smile:

You can point prospective co-founding members to our new website, but they shouldn’t join up there. Please point them to to actually sign up.

// w.c. 16th Oct

  • Launch the Digital Life Collective, marked by publishing our new website
  • Ping various journalists and bloggers – here’s our first piece of media coverage in the Linux Journal :slight_smile:
  • Tell everyone we know so they can join membership in Week 1
  • Begin our mission – what would you do now to nurture Tech We Trust?
  • Interact through our various channels (our public forum, Twitter,, and syndicate to our LinkedIn and Facebook presence)


Schedule the occasional ten minutes to join these conversations / to start these conversations.

Let us know if you’d like to write for our blog or have yourself a profile directly on our website.

Follow our Twitter and Medium accounts, and show your affiliation on LinkedIn and Facebook.

As always, if you’d like to say hello in real time, our team calls are on our Zoom line, M/W/F at 5pm UK time, or mention in our main Collective open chat channel that you’d like to set up another time.

Best regards, Christina, Philip, and the Digital Life Collective member relations team.