Member newsletter 14 August 2017

A shorter newsletter today … more an indication of too much to do than too little. Let’s dive straight in.


// You might like this video excerpt of last Friday’s regular Zoom call during which’s Josie Hirtenstein joined us to talk personal data and vendor relationship management.

// Your fellow co-founding member, Diderik van Wingerden, has been in touch to tell us about Koppelting, an annual grassroots festival about peer production and free/libre alternatives for society that takes place next week in the Netherlands. It is filled with projects, lectures, debates and workshops, and is co-created by the attendees. Anyone can contribute, whether by giving a lecture, a workshop or demonstration, or by simply participating, helping out and engaging in good discussion.

// Not only do we have final draft copy for our new upcoming website, we also have draft editorial guidelines for any and all budding contributors. Shout up if that’s you on the Website Crew channel.

// Finally, I’m pleased to report that the current balance of our collective membership fees has been transferred from the temporary bank account to our very own account at the Co-operative Bank under the diligent management of the Interim Management Circle.


// Culture Design Labs – Evolving the future, by Joe Brewer, Age of Awareness.

// Our friends at are seeking new funding for their awesome free open source software, the kind of need we can grow to help meet!

// Understanding uses of microphones in Internet of Things (IoT) devices, by Melanie Bates, for the Future of Privacy Forum.

// How to build a more organic Internet (and stand up to corporations), by Panayotis Antoniadis, The Conversation.

// Microsoft takes aim at new blockchain initiative, by Penny Crosman, Health Data Management.

As always, you can discuss this newsletter on our public forum. And forward it to anyone you think might be interested in our collective mission.

Best regards, Philip and the Digital Life Collective member relations team.


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