Member newsletter 13 November 2017

This week we’re collecting short video messages from members! You can help! We’d like to add some video to the site which shows the human face of the Collective - all of us! - and which helps explain what the Collective is, why it matters and why we’re members. Everyone can help by contributing a short, informal video message!

Here’s how:

Record a short video of yourself using whatever system you have - webcam, phone camera, laptop camera, whatever. There’s no need to worry too much about quality of video or audio. If you don’t have video recording tools don’t worry - you can use our Zoom room to record yourself! Or use whatever tool you like.

Think about answering one or more of the following questions, in a few words or sentences. Short is good! Pause for a couple of seconds of quiet stillness between different answers if you’re recording a few answers, so it’s easier for us to edit.

  • What is the Collective?
  • Why did you join the Collective?
  • Why should others join?
  • How will the world change when the Digital Life Collective is successful?

Any positive messages along these lines to help others understand the Collective and feel motivated to join are welcome - you don’t need to specifically answer the questions or use a script or be on message. Be yourself :slight_smile:

Please upload your video to our Marketing > Collective videos folder in Google Drive. We’ll be editing the videos together to make a short film for the website, and would love to be able to use the videos in other ways too for promotion of the Collective. We’ll assume that all uploaded videos are ones you are happy to share with us under a CC-BY-SA licence. If you’d rather send a link to a downloadable video from elsewhere, that’s fine, email

Platform Cooperativism 2017

Laura James and Joachim Stroh met (in person!) at the annual Platform Cooperativism conference at the New School in NYC this weekend. We had great conversations with folks from Holochain (Matt Schutte et al), RChain (Ian Holm et al), Sociocracy For All (Jennifer Rau and Jerry Koch-Gonzalez), Doug Rushkoff (Prof of Media Theory and Digital Economics at City University of New York) and many many participants (at the end our new DigLife Business Cards where halfway gone).

Member value proposition discussion

Next Monday, we’re having a special Zoom session to refine our value proposition for members. If this is of interest please read the briefing doc in advance and come prepared to be an active part of the meeting (and potential follow up action). Monday 20th November, 5pm GMT, for 90 minutes.

As always, if you’d like to say hello in real time, our team calls are on our Zoom line, M/W/F at 5pm UK time, or mention in our main Collective open chat channel that you’d like to set up another time.

Best regards,
Laura and Joachim and the Digital Life Collective member relations team.


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