OpenThink forum discussion

This is the thread for the OpenThink forum prototype I demonstrated at today’s Open Space meeting

OpenThink is a flexible forum structure that allows discussions to go infinitely deep without cluttering the discussion space. We’d love to have a space where people can participate in all the important discussions they care about, and where these discussions can go as deep as desired and be enriched by in-person meetings but not be limited to them.

Here’s a quick demo video-
[git repository in video description]

Here’s the IP of the site if you wanna play around with it-

Would love to hear any feedback you have-- please post questions/comments in this thread :slight_smile:

Thanks! Good job on the video.

See also that @robert_best mentioned in the chat. Just had a look and seems like a nice start for a collaborative summary tool…


Thank you!
We were originally thinking that people submitting large posts could just add a tl;dr summary in their own words, though wikum definitely seems a lot more robust and collaborative

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