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A place to post any questions about the Collective and getting involved, or feedback on the process of joining, getting started as an active member, or being a member generally.

Unsure how to login to Mattermost? Issues with payment of membership fees?
Had a great welcome into the community and want to thank the members who helped?
Found ways our docs could be improved but not sure how to make changes?

This is a topic for you.


Great topic @laura … I’ll keep a beady here too and help out where I can. For now, a helpful link for any member drawn to this topic is:



I may be unsure how to log into Mattermost :slight_smile:

I have created an account and logged into Discourse. I started to do the Member orientation. The first item sent me to Mattermost where I tried to log in with the email and password I used to start my account. It said that “we couldn’t find an account matching your login credentials”.

Am me or discobot gone wrong?


Hi Owen,

Mattermost is a different set of username and password to Discourse. So you
need to set up your Mattermost account separately. You should have the info
in an early email from the Collective - let us know if not!

We know this is a pain and work is planned to help us get to a more
convenient ‘single sign on’ system - but not there yet sadly.




for others who might be confused here: == Mattermost, our members only online chat system == Discourse, our public web forum (that you are
reading now). Available on web or as emails.


Hi Laura,

Thanks for your replies. I cannot find a welcome email in my archives or Spam folders. I have, however, fished out some other interesting mails from Diglife from my Spam folder. I have now finetuned my Spam lists so all diglife mail addresses I have mail from are whitelisted :slight_smile:

Here is what I think happened. I learned about Diglife at the start of December 2017. I joined with a $10 subscription on December 8. I was in pre-Xmas mode and failed to notice the welcome email in my Spam folder. I purged my Spam folder at the start of January for an entirely unrelated reason. The mails I found are all from January and February 2018.

Is it possible to have a welcome mail resent, or otherwise get login credentials for Mattermost?

Many thanks


No worries Owen - I’ll dig out your email address and send you the emails
and mattermost info now.