Digital Life Collective member newsletter – the 2018 Plan

The 2017 review came out mid-February, and now we have the 2018 plan.

As you will see in the plan, we’ve determined that nurturing Tech We Trust and learning how best to wield such tech to co-operate in a decentralized and emergent manner are incredibly complementary. It’s a duality. They’re interdependent. Tech We Trust should make us self-sovereign and fully enabled to participate in the world.

I used a phrase there that doesn’t yet have common currency. Self-sovereign technologies are designed with just the one master in mind, the individual defined by a self-sovereign identity, a concept in turn explained by Collective member @identitywoman here … it’s “where people are in control of their own identities.”

Phil Windley offers up a pithy one-liner to explain a philosophical imperative for self-sovereign identity:

Blockquote Descartes didn’t say ‘I have a birth certificate, therefore, I am.’

I consider self-sovereign technologies to be a subset of Tech We Trust, with the latter also extending out into the world in the form of technologies that aid our interactions and co-operation. Many may consider my tech the ultimate response to their tech (eg, the machinery of surveillance capitalism) but we can recognize my tech’s redundant isolation. In my opinion, self-sovereign tech is qualified by its ability to enable and be enabled by ourtech.

We need to explore and shape these concepts urgently so that we can better know Tech We Trust when we see it, and indeed so that we can better guide ourselves and others in designing it. I had to qualify the last paragraph with “I consider” and “in my opinion” because we’re only just starting our Collective deliberations on the matter.

You’ll see this deliberation project in the 2018 plan alongside a handful of others all designed to progress our mission individually, and powerfully so in combination. You can take part. And we need you to take part of course. And your friends and colleagues. You don’t need to know everything that’s going on across the Collective, just settle your undoubted superpowers into whatever project appeals. On your terms.

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As always, if you’d like to say hello in real time, our team calls are on our Zoom line, M/W/F at 5pm UK time, or mention in our main Collective open chat channel that you’d like to set up another time. Failing that … always goes to a few of us.

Happy co-operating.

Best regards,

Philip, on behalf of the Digital Life Collective member relations team.


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